Company Story

Why Peppermint?

Peppermint makes Cleaning Fresher, Faster and Better! Apart from Peppermint being India’s first ever fully Autonomous Floor Cleaning Robot, it takes a fresh look at the problems customers are trying to solve at their spaces.
Cleaning has moved from being the mundane daily task to an exercise in excellence. Companies lay more emphasis on cleaning than ever before.
At Peppermint, we went to the customers and realized the machines they were using were just Scrubber Dryers and they were using a variety of machines and methods to achieve the optimum cleaning experience.
Hence, Peppermint.
Here are some of the unique features that sets Peppermint apart from a regular Scrubber Dryer

Fast DC Charging & Battery Swap:

Double fast of any charger with provision to swap batteries for seamless continuous cleaning

5 Mins Replenishment :

Drain waste water + Replenish fresh water in 5 minutes flat with Aubotz Docking station D1

Floor auto detection & autopressure :

Changes scrubber pressure automatically for optimal cleaning

Worlds first full sanitized scrubbing:

First in Steam Bath of floor for anti-bacteria & oil neutralizing

Autonomous Operations

Self driving machine. Enabling cleaning anytime 24 x 7

Telematics : Always connected

Get all coverage, report and maintenance updates on Mobile / Computer

Peppermint Autonomous Scrubber Dryer

  • No Operator needed
  • Can scrub dry upto 10-12,000 sq. ft. / hour
  • Increased coverage upto 4x per cleaning shift
  • Better cleaning – Cleans upto 99.99% Bacteria* on the floor & removes oil with degreasing agent
  • Operates upto 8 Hours / Charge
  • Remote Telematics with real time updates
  • Preventive maintenance with alerts to operator, customer and OEM
  • Lowers cost per sq.ft. Of cleaning
  • Accountable and ready 24 x 7

Docking Station

  • Automatic replenishment of consumables, fluids, water
  • 100% safe disposal of waste and waste water
  • Fast DC Charging and supporting battery swapping