Efficiently clean and sanitize healthcare spaces with precision and care using Peppermint Robotics floor cleaning robot.


Experience the cleanliness and hygiene you deserve with Peppermint Robotics – Your Trusted Cleaning Partner in Healthcare


Peppermint Robotics’ floor cleaning robot is an ideal solution for medical facilities such as hospitals, where facility managers face specific challenges in ensuring a clean, healthy, and safe environment for patients, staff, and equipment. With the constant movement of people and equipment throughout the building, including miles of corridors, keeping the facility spotless requires a reliable and efficient solution.


The future of pharmaceutical and healthcare housekeeping.


Forward-thinking healthcare facilities have discovered the benefits of deploying fleets of Peppermint Robotics’ floor cleaning robots, throughout their facilities. Equipped with advanced sensors and navigation technology, these robots are capable of navigating through complex hospital and pharmaceutical environments, cleaning corridors, and other areas to provide a thorough and complete clean.


A Safer Environment


With the ability to detect obstacles and adjust their cleaning paths as needed, the Peppermint Robotics floor cleaning robots can help ensure that hospitals and other medical facilities maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. Promoting a clean and healthy facility for patients and staff.

Why use Peppermint Robotics in Healthcare and Pharma Facilities?

Deploying Peppermint Robotics’ floor cleaning robots can help medical facilities meet the unique challenges they face in maintaining a clean, healthy, and safe environment, benefiting patients, staff, and the facility as a whole.

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