What is Peppermint?

Creating A Full Stack Service Robotics Solution

Peppermint Service Robots are uniquely positioned to be the first full-stack Service Robotics Company in the world.
Supported by SINE IIT-Bombay & Qualcomm, we manufacture Housekeeping Robots and Material Handling Robots tuned into your specific industry needs. Our full stack platform, along with Mint OS, and modular assembly delivers the most efficient autonomous solutions for out clients.

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How are we doing this?

We are building service robots to clean working spaces from the ground up to inspire you to be in that space and take the load off your head of handling your material and heavy logistics.
Our approach has helped us take feedback actively, act fast & delight customers with exceptional line of service robots.
With a world-class R&D team, we ship class-leading features onto our Robots which come equipped with top-of-the-line hardware designed & built to last.

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Why Peppermint Robots?

Peppermint Robots set out to 'expedite the advent of Service Robots' and we built our line of Robots for the consumer to use & be delighted with. At its core, Peppermint is not a product but a promise to provide the customers excellent and impeccable service as a Partner you can bank upon. As we build new products & technologies, it is our customers whose active feedback is going to ensure we build the products you truly need.
Today, we provide Class-Leading features to our clients which form the bedrock of our offering. These upgrade the cleaning operations multifold for all types of facilities.

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Our Mission

To design and build the most effective and efficient line of service robots for industrial and commercial spaces.

Founding Team

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Runal Dahiwade

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Miraj Vora

Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer

Housekeeping & Material Handling

Housekeeping has never been more important than it is today. The scale of cleaning and hygiene requirements in our living and working environments is huge! Floor Cleaning Robots are the preferred choice to solve this problem because of their inherent efficiency that will shape the commercial floor cleaning of spaces of today & tomorrow. Intelligent machines will revolutionize our living and working spaces in the future and Peppermint with its varied offerings stands to be in the middle of these exciting times!

Material Handling is another most important process today in almost every industrial establishment especially in places like Warehouses and Manufacturing Plants. There is a dire need to automate this process in order to make it more systematic and efficient. Our continuous advances in machine intelligence and robotics have made it possible for us to fully automate this process for you.


Awards and Recognitions

Ready to Use Peppermint?

📢 Peppermint Robotics invites you to Clean India Show | 13-14-15 September | Booth: D12 | Nesco, Mumbai