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Peppermint Robots

Peppermint Robots assisted a leading Pharma tech automate their floor cleaning


Autonomous Floor Cleaning Robot

Business Impact


Savings on Electricity, Water & Chemicals


Man power Savings


Increase in Daily Cleaning 1,25,000 sq.ft

Customer Key Facts

  • Industry : Pharma Tech Manufacturing
  • Size : 5,000+ employees
  • Location : Pune, Maharastra

Problem Context

A Leading Pharmatech Manufacturing Company reached out to Peppermint Robots with a mandate to automate the Floor Cleaning Process of their Factory in Pune. The existing process was manpower heavy and had high maintenance and service costs attached to machines along with unsustainable methods of wastewater disposal.

The Journey & Action Taken

Autonomous Cleaning

  • Phase I: Post a successful demonstration of the robots at the site,
    the client presented the mandate of a partial area of the plant and
    begin operations with 1 autonomous floor cleaning robot.
  • Phase II: After 45 days of deployment of the first robot, a second
    An autonomous floor-cleaning robot was added for managing complete
    floor cleaning operations of the plant

Technologies Used


Autonomous Robots

Peppermint Dashboard

Path Mapping


Begin Your Autonomous Cleaning Journey!

Delivering “Highest levels of cleanliness and safety, minimizing contamination and exposure in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing” while also assuring optimal efficiency.


Peppermint Robots Scrubber Dryer SD-45 is a compact, modular, & autonomous floor scrubbing robot that is designed to handle both industrial and commercial floor space with ease. SD-45 is perfect for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities as it minimizes contamination and exposure and reduces the time spent on manual scrubbing and utilizing the staff for other duties. It utilizes Mint OS & a modular assembly to provide the most efficient floor cleaning without any physical contact or intervention. With a full-stack platform, this robotic scrubber dryer is one of the most intelligent robots on the market today, with capabilities of autonomous navigation, mapping, and more


  • Cleaning time reduced by 40% & Analytics for every cleaning action
  • Savings of 50% percent on Chemicals, Water, and Electricity consumption
  • 125,000 Sq.ft of Daily Cleaning in Common Areas.
  • Cleaning Robots are now part of the Client’s Marketing Strategy for visitors.
  • Peppermint is now the Robotics and Automation Partner – Worldwide for the company and the wider group
  • Manpower optimized and retrained for new roles in plant operations

Client Testimonial

Peppermint Robots was a great introduction at our plant. Within a couple of weeks, we saw a marked change in our shopfloors and with their analytics and reporting, we quickly realized gains in our facilities function. We look forward to more robots in the future! – Automation Lead

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