Peppermint Robotics: Scaling Up from Prototype to Efficient Production

Peppermint Robotics Journey

Peppermint Robotics Journey started in early 2019.

The first few steps included understanding the housekeeping and cleaning operations at commercial and public spaces and how they could be improved and optimized. Our findings led us to understand cleaning workflows that could be upgraded with a robotic cleaning operation for achieving better cleaning and optimized operations.

Peppermint Robotics Scrubber Dryer.
Peppermint Robotics Scrubber Dryer.

That’s when the idea of Peppermint’s Industrial Floor Cleaning Robots was seeded. Early prototyping started in May 2019 in our fabrication unit in Pune. With a small team of 3, Proto-1 was built in June 2020 which gave us deep learnings and set the tone for the subsequent prototypes in the coming months.

Our journey was soon validated with support from Nidhi-Prayas, a startup support program devised by the “Department of Science & Technology” and managed by “SINE-IIT Bombay”.
Prayas gave us access to the rich ecosystem at SINE-IIT Bombay and resources to bring ideas to reality.

This was soon followed by a pre-seed fundraising round led by Mr. Naveen Kshatriya, Former MD of Castrol Asia and ANZ along with other Angel investors who mentored us in achieving the right product-market fit.

Fast forward to November 2019, when we got incubated at Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, IIT Bombay. (The incubator at IIT Bombay). SINE remains our HQ and we are ever so grateful for the wonderful entrepreneurial ecosystem and support we receive at SINE.

Earlier this year in February 2020, we launched our first product, Peppermint Pro Floor Cleaning Robot at Victor Menezes Centre in IIT-Bombay.

Peppermint is designed to upgrade the cleaning of commercial and public spaces like Airports, Industries, Warehouses, Hotels, and more. It delivers the best-in-class cleaning with Dynamic Pressure, complete autonomous operations with a docking station for seamless cleaning, and best-in-class uptime with up to 8 hours of continuous operations per charge

Through the Covid-19 lockdown, the team started working on adding a fitment that makes Peppermint Pro the only robot in India to do a Triple Action Clean – Scrubbing, UV Bath and Drying. The benefits of UV Light have come up as a great fillip to battling the pandemic but for us, it goes beyond that to bringing sanitizing functions to everyday cleaning operations.

Triple Clean Technology and Dynamic Pressure for different types of floors, and Clean with 99.99 percent hazardous bacteria eradication and oil neutralization. By deploying this robot, you can save up to 66 percent on labor expenditure. Our robots consume 50 percent less electricity and 50 percent less water than traditional technology. Peppermint Robots boasts the best battery backup in the industry, designed for maximum coverage, with an uptime of up to 8 hours per battery charge and a 50% reduction in power consumption.

Peppermint dashboard gives you real-time statistics and monitoring, the completely autonomous floor cleaning robot. You can optimize your cleaning operations by setting goals, transforming data into actionable insights, and more. The team can observe real-time error codes and provide rapid support thanks to its real-time reports and analytics

Through this journey, in May, we were joined by Venture Catalysts, India’s first, largest, and pioneering integrated incubator and accelerator platform who have invested and led the seed round along with Mr. Naveen Kshatriya and some other angels.

At Peppermint, we intend to strengthen the team and expand to new territories as we scale production and more depth to the product offering. We are highly committed to the culture we are building at the team and keeping the customer at the center of our universe to build the best service robots!

We are thankful to all the supporters, friends, customers, and well-wishers of Peppermint. Onwards to building bots!

Making Cleaning Fresher, Better, and Faster for Commercial Spaces!

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