Scrubber Dryer

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Save Manhours

Saving Electricity & Water

100% Accountable Operations with daily automatic reports

Autonomous Operations

100% Autonomous Operations
Save 1000’s of manhours per month

Designed for Max Coverage

Max uptime of upto 8 hours
Consumes 50% Less power

Triple Action Clean (Patent Applied)

Best in class Cleaning

Hard Floors

Tiles, Epoxy Coated RCC etc.

Intelligent & Connected machines

Analytics, Real Time Reporting.

Peppermint makes Cleaning Fresher, Faster, and Better! Apart from Peppermint being India’s first-ever fully Autonomous Floor Cleaning Robot, it takes a fresh look at the problems customers are trying to solve in their spaces.
Cleaning has moved from being a mundane daily task to an exercise in excellence. Companies lay more emphasis on cleaning than ever before.
At Peppermint, we went to the customers and realized the machines they were using were just Scrubber Dryers and they were using a variety of machines and methods to achieve the optimum cleaning experience. Hence, Peppermint.
Here are some of the unique features that set Peppermint apart from a regular Scrubber Dryer
Explore our range of best-in-class products. Each Robot includes integrated and customizable hardware and software solutions to cater to your specific needs.

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