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Facility Management

The industry with the mandate to bring automation during the pandemic is Facility Management. With Peppermint, we saw partners bring automation to multiple industries, at various stages of the pandemic to ensure uninterrupted autonomous operations.

Commercial Real Estate & Hospitality

With class-leading features, Peppermint brings predictable cleaning operations at Commercial Real Estate & Hospitality locations where clients are taking steps to ensure the safety of their employees or patrons.


Large Manufacturing facilities are not averse to automation. A housekeeping robot like Peppermint is a welcome addition in ensuring that the highest cleaning standards are upheld and the floor is always clean. A clean floor is a tick for employee wellness, compliance, and safety.

Warehouses & Logistics

As all energies in Warehouses are towards ensuring throughput, a clean floor provides a gateway for faster processing of material to the next custodian in the supply chain. With smart sensors and adaptive tech, Peppermint blends in with forklifts and reach trucks to power automation.

Transport Hubs

As travel resumes for large parts of the world, hygiene & cleanliness remains the top priority for both hosts and the traveler. Transport Hubs have an abundance of a movement demanding higher cleaning frequencies paving the way for Peppermint Robots.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing have been at the forefront of the pandemic. With extremely high cleaning standards being the mandate, Peppermint Robots provided these facilities cleaning accountability to operations across multiple shifts.

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