Upgrade to Peppermint Material Handling Robots

Tug 1000 specifications TUG AMR,material handling,tugbot
Autonomous Mobile Robot - Tug Robot for Industrial Material Handling.
Tug 2000 specifications TUG AMR,material handling,tugbot

Carry up to 2 tonnes of material in one go.

Requires 50% less electricity

Automatic obstacle detection

Saves up to 66% of manpower

Material Handling is another most important process today in almost every industrial establishment especially in places like Warehouses and Manufacturing Plants. It is very crucial to handle materials with excellent efficacy to maximize process output and ordered arrangement. There is a dire need to automate this process in order to make it more systematic and efficient. Our continuous advances in machine intelligence and robotics have made it possible for us to fully automate this process for you.
Here are some of the unique features that sets Peppermint apart from regular material handling robots
Explore our range of best-in-class products. Each Robot includes integrated and customizable hardware and software solutions to cater to your specific needs.

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