Warehouse cleaning with Peppermint robots

Warehousing: An Integral Focus Area

Warehousing is fast becoming an integral part of integrated logistics networks due to technological advancement and reform-led policy measures.

Warehouse Cleaning Statistics

The area of total warehouse stocks across the country was estimated to be approximately 252.7 million square feet in 2020, up from around 208.6 million square feet in 2019 according to Statista.

The logistics sector in India touched US$200 billion in 2020 & India’s warehousing requirement is expected to grow at an annual average rate of 9%.

Growth: Local & Global

The warehousing industry in India is a growing industry and it’s going to continue to increase as a favorable real estate asset. The sector has witnessed massive participation from institutional investors and developers amid rising demand from across the sectors.

Globally, warehousing has moved ahead from single-story to multi-story warehouses in densely populated cities and expensive land spaces. A multi-story warehouse consists of more than one floor and is designed to increase the available floor space for optimum results. It results in a better land utilization rate and boosts operational efficiency. Multi-story warehouses have been successful in densely populated cities predominantly in Asian countries such as China, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, etc. due to high land and construction costs, small site areas, and limited industrial land availability.

Technology Adoption

With the increase in the warehousing and storage market, there has been a concurrent increase in technology usage. Other than the use of tracking, monitoring devices, and sensors to increase efficiency and speed up the process, cleaning and sanitization has also become smart and automated.

Warehouse cleaning can be an overwhelming task solely due to the size of modern-day warehouses. If not regularly maintained, warehouses can quickly become messy and unorganized, which can hamper the day-to-day workflow, leading to an increase in hazards and operating costs.

A clean and organized warehouse can boost productivity, improve accuracy, and lead to higher job satisfaction.

Peppermint for Warehouse Cleaning

What makes cleaning warehouses easier? We do!

At Peppermint, we strive to provide a predictable deep cleaning experience for our customers to delight them.

Our research enables us to provide astounding results.

Peppermint Robots clean better, cover large amounts of floor space at one go, are sustainable, and being intelligent cleaner it is accountable for their work.

Here’s a look at Peppermint working its way across a large 2L sq. ft warehouse in JNPT, near Mumbai.

IMG 20200910 175443 warehouse cleaning,Peppermint Robots
Spot Peppermint!

Peppermint Floor Cleaning Machine is a shift from traditional Scrubbing Drying Machines. Using its smart technology, peppermint also uses dynamic pressure that allows it to work efficiently for different types of floors.

Welcoming you to the Advancement of Warehouse Cleaning!

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