Presenting Peppermint

The Intelligent & Autonomous Floor Cleaning Robot is here.

At Peppermint, we are driven to provide a predictable deep cleaning experience for our customers to delight them. Our research enables us to provide a bespoke solution for varying needs because each floor is different.​​

A Modern Floor Cleaning Machine

Why Peppermint?

Better and safer cleaning

Dynamic Pressure for different types of floor
Cleans with 99.99% harmful bacteria removal,
neutralizes oil on the floor.

More Coverage

Autonomous function leads to upto 4x more coverage
Docking station allows for 80% time savings replenishment and turn around
24 x 7 support with preventive maintenance

Accountable and sustainable

Real time reports and analytics
Real time error codes to company for immediate service
100% safe disposal of water
Upto 25% lesser fresh water consumption

Bespoke Solutions

We make Floor Cleaning Machines tuned to the needs of your floors

Peppermint Floor Cleaning Machine is a shift from traditional Scrubbing Drying Machines. We are using research and technology to bring a fresh approach to floor cleaning.