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I Want To Know More About Peppermint Robotics?

Peppermint Robotics is a Robotics Company which Designs, Develops and Deploys Robots for commercial and industrial applications like – Commercial Cleaning Robots, Material Handling Robots, and Special Purpose Robots. Our goal is to deliver the most efficient autonomous robotic solutions for our partners and customers.

What Is Peppermint Robotics SD45, SD100 & SD20?

Peppermint Robotics range of autonomous floor cleaning robots that are designed to simplify floor cleaning tasks in diverse environments. Our range consists of the SD45, SD100, and SD20 models, each distinguished by its tank capacity in liters that cater to various facility sizes and cleaning requirements.

Who Are Peppermint Robotics Customers?

Peppermint Robotics’ customers span across diverse industries and sectors. Our clients include Coca-Cola, Nestle, Cipla, Sun Pharma, Bosch, Goldman Sachs, Mahindra, Bharat Forge, Bajaj and TVS amongst others.

In Which Areas Can We Use Peppermint Robots?

Peppermint Robotics floor cleaning robots are designed for indoor use to streamline cleaning operations, improve hygiene, and ensure cleanliness. 

What Are The Safety Measures Taken By Peppermint Robotics?

Peppermint Robotics incorporates multiple safety features into our autonomous floor-cleaning robots to prioritize the safety of users, bystanders, and the environment. These measures include autonomous operations featuring advanced obstacle detection and avoidance using 360-degree safety, Lidars, and Depth sensors, along with an emergency Stop Button.

What Is A Scrubber Dryer?

A scrubber dryer is a type of floor scrubber that uses spinning brushes or pads to clean the floor surface in the form of a scouring brush. To transport dirt away from the flooring, cleaning solutions are used, which help in the efficient floor cleaning process.

What Is A Robotic Floor Srubber Dryer?

A robotic floor scrubber Dryer is a form of robot that cleans floors with brushes. Suction is used by the machine to remove dirt, debris, and wastewater. These robots are often battery-powered and move around cleaning the floors and large spaces. They also have a specific path mapping feature that allows them to easily and efficiently travel across the floor’s surface.

How Does Robotic Floor Scrubber Dryer Work?

A robotic floor scrubber sweeps the floor surface with a spinning brush. A motor drives the brush, which follows the curves of the floor. As the robot moves ahead, the squeegee at the rear end works as a vacuum, sucking up the dirty water. This robot is ideal for industrial and commercial spaces having hard cleaning surfaces such as Epoxy, PVC, tile, marble, granite, and linoleum.

Why Are Robotic Floor Scrubber Dryer Better Than Manual Rideon Or Walk Behind Machines?

Although manual and ride-on scrubbers have been the dominating force pushing commercial cleaning technology for decades. Robotic floor scrubbers provide a superior next-generation alternative compared to conventional techniques. When compared to typical ride-on or walk-behind scrubber dryers, Peppermint’s robotic scrubber dryer offers significant operational and economical advantages.

1. Completely Autonomous Cleaning

Pepper,int-Os technology provides outstanding obstacle detection and robust anti-collision for 360-degree safety. Peppermint Robots are fully autonomous scrubber dryer floor that adjusts their cleaning behavior based on the kind of floor. These robots can map and clean your premises without the need for manual intervention.


  1. Maximum Battery Life and Productivity

    Maintaining a productive, efficient, and cost-effective cleaning operation is a problem for any facility manager, especially with growing labor expenses and the possibility of sickness, absence, and lack of staff. With an operating period of up to 8 hours on a single battery charge, the Scrubber Dryer SD-45 is always ready to clean.

3. Peppermint Dashboard helps you manage, monitor, and measure your Cleaning.

The Scrubber Dryer SD-45’s unique Peppermint Dashboard records every cleaning operation, making your cleaning more effective and reliable. The Peppermint Dashboard displays quick, precise performance information on your PC, phone, or tablet. You can also keep an eye on your SD-45 at all times thanks to the dashboard, which displays the robot’s online status, fresh water level, battery %, and cleaning performance.

4. Simple to set up and use

The Scrubber Dryer SD-45 is simple to set up and use, and the Peppermint Customer Support team will provide you with personalized help. They will oversee SD-45 implementation and training, as well as planning the most suitable floor map for the robot to clean your facility. With Peppermint professionals offering 24/7 Real-Time Monitoring and Remote assistance, the SD-45 will always work at its best.

 5. Always Connected

SD-45 can be monitored and controlled in real-time by your team owing to Wi-Fi and 4G LTE network capabilities, keeping you up to date at all times.

6. Safe and Secure Navigation

SD-45 is the best in keeping the operational environment safe thanks to its cutting-edge technology, which includes emergency stop buttons, sensors, beacons, lidars, and lights.

7. Better and Safer Cleaning

SD-45 uses Triple Clean Technology and Dynamic Pressure to clean various types of floors, and it cleans with 99.99 percent dangerous bacteria elimination and oil neutralization.

8. Efficient and Economical

The SD-45 floor scrubber dryer reduces labor costs by up to 66 percent. In comparison to normal machines, the SD-45 consumes 50% less electricity and 50% less water.

9. Accountable and Sustainable

Peppermint Robots deliver real-time data and analytics via the Peppermint Dashboard, allowing you to observe real-time fault codes for immediate service. There is a 100% safe disposal of water and also a 50% reduction in fresh water and power use.

10. Upgrade and Customer Support

We are constantly improving our robots to ensure top performance, and we make certain that your robot receives all updates & upgrades. We offer preventive maintenance 24×7 all round the year.

What Industries Are Best Suited For Peppermint Robotics Scrubber Dryer?
  • Airports and Public transportation
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Retail and shopping centers
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare and education

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