Peppermint Robotics Operating Platforms


Peppermint OS

Peppermint OS is the autonomous navigation operating system designed for all indoor commercial and industrial robots. Peppermint OS constitutes its own Perception, Control System, and Autonomy functions. Peppermint OS powers robots across the world for 4 OEMs.


Peppermint Services Dashboard

Peppermint Services is a cloud-based dashboard to manage robot operations and maintenance history. With real-time alerts, reports, and user access controls, Peppermint Services empowers users to manage robots in real-time and accountably.


Peppermint Skateboard

Peppermint Skateboard is Peppermint’s Electro-Mechanical Platform which constitutes all electronics framework and its mechanical sub-systems to power commercial and industrial robots. The Peppermint Skateboard is an all-in-one platform including - powertrain, motherboard, power electronics, battery pack as a plug-in kit.