Maintain a safe environment 24/7 for passengers with the SD45 Gen2 cleaning robot

Peppermint Robotics SD45 Gen2 at Mumbai International Airport

Maintaining pristine environments at Airports is important to ensure cleanliness and also plays a vital role in upholding safety standards. Peppermint Robotics floor cleaners navigate vast spaces efficiently, optimizing operations and reducing labor costs, ensuring a seamless travel experience by minimizing disruptions to passengers, enhancing safety, and maintaining the stringent hygiene standards essential in the aviation industry. Airports serve as travel hubs, making cleanliness essential for seamless and enjoyable journeys.

What makes SD45-Gen2 the right choice for Airports

The SD45 Gen2 is designed for large-scale cleaning with large water capacity and cleaning power tailored to meet the rigorous demands of airport environments. With its impressive capabilities, it boosts cleaning efficiency, frequency, and consistency ensuring a pristine airport environment.

Packed with robust safety features, the SD45 Gen2 successfully addresses the challenges faced by high-footfall areas like Airports through its powerful anti-collision and obstacle avoidance technology making it a trusted cleaning solution for airports prioritizing both cleanliness and passenger safety.

Free up and re-allocate manpower to focus on high-touch-point cleaning
Present a positive brand image by assuring a healthy and safe reputation
Empower data-driven cleaning operations and management

Peppermint Robotics SD45 Gen2 at Bangalore Airport terminal two.

Challenges Faced by the Aviation Industry

Benefits of Cleaning Automation at Airport Facilities

Efficiency and Time Savings

Consistent Cleaning Standards

Data driven operations

Adaptability to Varied Surfaces

Boost to public perception

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