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Peppermint Robotics for Healthcare & Pharma Facilities

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Maintaining hygienic environments for critical healthcare and pharma operations is crucial to prevent cross-contamination of sensitive products in healthcare facilities.

With Peppermint Robots, you can be confident that your cleaning team will efficiently handle high-traffic areas and ensure a safe and hygienic environment, and comply with the highest regulatory standards.

Peppermint Robotics recognizes the critical importance of cleaning automation and has designed its robots with workflows for such standards of cleanliness.

With 20+ enterprise Healthcare and pharma customers globally, Peppermint is best positioned to partner for the daily cleaning needs and automation.

What makes SD45-Gen2 the right choice for Healthcare and Pharma Facilities?

Keeping high-traffic facilities clean and free of contamination is made easier with the help of the fully autonomous floor-cleaning robot.

SD45 Gen2 is an intelligent robotic solution designed for the demands of healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities that operate 24/7. With unparalleled autonomous navigation and advanced safety features, it is the trusted cleaning solution for healthcare and pharma facilities. Designed for thorough cleaning, with customizable cleaning programs for each facility.

With its ability to function continuously and adapt to its surroundings in real time, SD45-Gen2 significantly enhances the frequency of floor cleaning. This, in turn, allows your janitorial team to focus on other crucial cleaning tasks. The implementation of our advanced cleaning technology ensures high standards of cleanliness and safety.

Sun Pharma site Vadodara

Challenges Faced by the healthcare Industry

Benefits of Cleaning Automation at Healthcare & Pharma Facilities

Improved infection control & safety

Compliance with regulations

Data driven operations

Resource optimization

Boost to public perception

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