Peppermint Robotics for Manufacturing Facilities

Peppermint Robotics SD45 Gen at a Manufacturing plant in Goa

The safety and productivity of an manufacturing facility rely on the cleanliness and hygiene standards upheld within the premises.  With the SD45 Gen2, you can be confident that your cleaning team will efficiently handle high-traffic areas ensure a safe and hygienic environment, and comply with regulatory standards.

The manufacturing industry is a dynamic and complex industry that involves the development, manufacture, and maintenance of products. Assembly lines and repair shops must be clean for efficient and safe operations. Having clean, well-maintained facilities contributes to the overall quality of the products. With SD45 Gen2, Feel assured that your facility’s cleanliness will be impeccable.

Peppermint Robotics recognizes the critical importance of maintaining such environments and is a trusted provider of advanced robotic cleaning solutions tailored specifically for manufacturing facilities and manufacturing areas, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning. Several leading maufacturing companies like Mahindra, TVS, Robert Bosch, Wabco, JSW Steels, BARC, Bajaj, Vitesco, Bharat Forge, and Shriram Pistons have already benefited from Peppermint Robotics’ capabilities, deploying fleets of our robots throughout their facilities.

What makes SD45-Gen2 the right choice for Manufacturing Facilities?

The SD45 Gen2 is a fully autonomous cleaning robot designed specifically to navigate and clean facilities autonomously maintaining the high cleaning standards in manufacturing facilities.

With the help of multiple levels of sensors and intelligent software integration, the SD45 Gen2 adapts to the dynamic layout of the manufacturing facilities, effortlessly reaching and cleaning even challenging spaces.

Its smart obstacle detection system helps it to easily identify & avoid any obstacle that comes around during operations. Its autonomy enhances efficiency by reducing human intervention and allowing it to focus on higher-value tasks which in turn reduces labor costs. The deployment of SD45 Gen2 in your manufacturing facility ensures high cleaning standards and increased productivity.

Peppermint Robotics SD45 Gen2 at Washing Machine Manufacturing Plant Goa

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