Tug Robot 2000

Autonomous solution for smart material movement in Industries!

TUG2000 is an autonomous material-handling robot with a tugging and towing payload capacity of up to 2 tonnes. Designed for seamless navigation and optimizing material movement in large factories and warehouses, reducing costs and manual labor. It combines autonomy and precision engineering, making it the go-to choice for industries planning to optimize and streamline their material movement process.

Intelligent Navigation and Safety

Powered by Peppermint OS, Peppermint Robots navigate seamlessly across different environments. Peppermint OS ensures 360° safety with a dynamic safety detection system and intelligent sensors – Lidars, Depth Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, and more.

Peppermint Robots are certified to the highest safety standards globally!


Real-Time Alerts, Reports, and Usage Information

Peppermint Robots are connected to the user dashboard via the Peppermint Services Dashboard. With the Services Dashboard, you can see real-time alerts (on sms and email), have access to performance reports, and also see the robot maintenance history logs. With the data and insights from Peppermint Services Dashboard,  your team can optimize cleaning operations by setting goals and transform data into actionable insights

Best-in-class Power System and Battery

Peppermint Robots are powered by state-of-the-art Power Systems, Power Electronics and certified Li-Ion batteries. Peppermint SD45 provides up to 8 hours (best in class) of operating time on each charge and also supports faster charging with fast charger (available as an accessory).

Easy to Install and Manage

With the Peppermint Path Planner V2, the robot installation process is completely seamless and empowers path planning around curved paths, complex areas. Path Planner V2 allows installation in two ways – “Boarder and Fill” and also now “Teach & Repeat” functions, allowing faster and seamless deployment of robots

Interactive GUI

The robot features a socially interactive design with human-like eye blinking, providing guidance and direction.
Robots can be programmed to change behavior based on floor types and speed of operations.

Cloud Connected Dashboard

Peppermint Path Planner Software (V2.0) enables planning team to define time + water consumption in each cleaning region, thereby maximising coverage


Enhance your robotic capabilities with Peppermint Robotics' cutting-edge accessories, meticulously crafted for peak performance.

Fast Charger (Charge your robot up to 85% faster)

Custom Trolley Attachment


Warning Lights

Built to Last

Our built-to-last products ensure enduring quality, embodying lasting value and reliability for generations

With a 100% Stainless Steel Body

Automotive Grade Wiring Harness

Certified for industrial use

Ready Supply Chain and 48 hr Spare Dispatch Globally

Suitable for

Manufacturing Facilities

Healthcare Facilities

Educational Facilities

Airports / Railways / Transport Hubs

TUG 2000


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Robotic Scrubber Dryer FAQ’S

I Want To Know More About Peppermint

Peppermint Robotics is a SINE-IIT Bombay and Qualcomm Supported company which makes Housekeeping Robots and Material Handling Robots. We operate in India and select countries in the Middle East.

What Is Peppermint SD45 & SD100?

Peppermint SD45 and Peppermint SD100 are 2 Scrubber Dryers from our range of Housekeeping Robots. SD45 is a 45L capacity robot while SD100 is a 100L capacity housekeeping robot.

Who Are Peppermint’s Customers?

Peppermint Robotics customers range from diverse industries such Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Manufacturing, Airports, Hotels and more

In Which Areas Can We Use Peppermint Robots?

Peppermint Robots are designed to be operated in a variety of spaces. We can operate in Industries, Warehouses, Airports, Railway Stations, Corporate Real Estate and Educational Institutes.

What Are The Safety Measures Taken By Peppermint?

Peppermint Robots values Safety above everything else. After constant feedbacks and market research we were able to create a long list of Safety Features added on to our Robots both on Hardware and Software fronts.
A. Hardware
– Lidar Sensor
– Depth Sensor
– Ultrasonic Sensor
– Automotive Grade Li-Ion Batteries
– Emergency Stop Button

B. Software
– Customisable Detection (Obstacle detection range can be customised)
– Machine Intelligence for Dynamic and Static Objects

/our products

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